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Best grip socks on the market

Bear athletic Sox!

I’ve tried various brands and have found Control Sox to be great and most reliable and since their cost point is much better than their competitors their value is the best. Love their products.


my facourite

amazing quality and work for a long time beofre slowly wearing out

Control Sox 2.0 - White
Trevon Trotman
Quality product

Quality of the socks is fantastic and they perform well

Great product!

I bought Control Sox for all my friends and family that play soccer and everyone has raved about the quality and effectiveness of the socks. Fit great and do the job! Still great quality and effectiveness after many washes.

Quarter Pro - White
Fabio Fiorentino
Great quality product

Excellent product. I use them primarily for soccer, running and golf. I wouldn’t go back to any other sock. Highly recommend 👌👌

Great Product

Started using Control Sox 3 years ago with nothing but great things to say. Quality is second to none and all the colors make it perfect to use with any team!

The Only Option

Control Sox is the only option for me when on the soccer pitch. The cushioning and comfort it provides in any weather is so important for performing at your best. The days of blisters are a thing of the past. It is no coincidence that players on the Canadian World Cup team wear them as well!

Most Reliable Grip Sox on the Market

I’ve used a few different brands of grip socks over the years and the only ones that have stood the test of time have been Control Sox. They keep my foot stable in my shoe and allow me to play with comfort when making sharp turns on the pitch. The socks have maintained their integrity (their nice crisp fit around my foot) after years of being thrown in the washing machine which is all I can ask for. The only reason I buy more is so I don’t have to do laundry all the time otherwise there’d be no need as they don’t wear out (and I play minimum 3 times a week all year round).

Best grip sock in the game!

My son loves these

My son won’t play without them.

Control Sox 2.0 - White
Sebastian Watson
Control Sox review

I very much enjoy wearing the controlsox. They are by far my favourite grip socks on the market. The grip on them is top tier and the comfort of the sock is great.

Great product

Comfortable, fits well, and great grip. I’ve tried a lot of other brands of grip socks but always come back to these.

Control Sox Rocks

Im very picky about my soccer socks. I use tiempos to play. My biggest concerns were due to sweating and shifting in my boot and also the grip being too loose or to tight. Control Sox are such a good fit and have lasted for 2 seasons thus far. I’m a big fan and would recommend!

Best Grippy Socks for Soccer!

These socks saved my feet! I used to always get blisters while playing soccer, no matter what kind of cleats or socks I wore. I was desperate for a solution. My coach recommended a sock with grip to keep my foot from slipping so much in my shoe. I bought a pair of control sox the very next day. I love the amount of grip control they have on the bottom of them and they come in a good selection of options! they are available in local stores and whenI ordered on line they shipped quickly!

Great and good quality grip sock

I’m a big fan of these socks but recently I feel as if they are ripping a lot easier. Would still buy more

The best!

I am on the pitch up to five times a week and have tried numerous brands of grip socks. When it comes to comfort and durability, Control Sox are the best.


I played soccer competitively up to university level and then rec for years after that, then came kids and after a long hiatus one of them wanted to play so it was time to get back into the swing of things and refresh the kit. I had never played with grippy socks before and was honestly pretty sceptical but I am now converted. I love my control socks and don’t think I could ever go back. They are super comfy and my boots just feel more dialed in when I’m wearing them. They’ve also held up well so far to use and abuse. Only wish that they had over the knee sleeves I could buy as well.

Control Sox 2.0 - Black
Fabrizio Stasolla
Absolutely amazing!

I have been worrying less about the annoying socks I used to use and it would affect my performance. These socks are absolutely comfortable and I forget that they are even on at times! The soft feeling just wicks away the sweat!

Great Product!!

Great socks, last long and don’t wear as quickly as others I’ve tried. Very comfortable and the only socks I wear now.

Control Sox

Fit big on narrow feet on toe end, soft fabric created toe hole after only a few uses. Good grip.

Best socks I’ve used

Control Sox are my go to brand now! Playing in Florida heat has me loving the quarter sox. Love the breathability of the fabrics and the grips work well

Cant go back

After trying controlsox I can no longer go back to playing any soccer game with regular socks. Even for practices, I prefer using controlsox.

Best grip socks you can buy, definitely worth the purchase and great customer service as well!